Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is responsible for making decisions for adults in England and Wales who have been assessed as lacking capacity to make certain decisions themselves.

The powers of the Court of Protection include the appointment of deputies to make property and financial decisions, the power to make decisions about a person’s health and care, power to approve a statutory will for a person who lacks capacity to make a will themselves, and power to settle disputes about all of these matters.

At we have a huge amount of experience and expertise in Court of Protection law. We can advise clients and professionals on:

  • The appointment of a deputy to make financial decisions
  • The appointment of a professional deputy
  • Deputyship administration
  • Statutory will applications

Contact for advice and see our FAQ section for common questions about the Court of Protection.

Court of Protection Services are provided by Clare King and Helen Gott as Legal Consultants at Legal Studio Solicitors.

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