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Our team have over 40 years experience in collaborating with financial advisors, solicitors and accountants. We know that when you refer a client to, you expect the same high standards of client service which you provide for your clients.

We offer the full range of estate planning services from Wills, LPAs, trusts and probate*.

We have a breadth of experience of advising clients, from those with straight forward requirements to high net worth individuals and business owners who require more complex planning. We can work alongside you, or for you if you would prefer to keep the client relationship yourself. We have drafted thousands of Wills for clients who have been referred to us by advisors and are adept at ensuring clients needs are met.

We can create a bespoke package for your business to work in the best way for you and your clients. Our involvement helps you to future proof your advice, protects your clients with key legal documents and also keeps the relationship you have with your clients at the heart of your business. We can see clients by video call or in person with you as the advisor present or not, depending on the client’s preference. Each of our relationships with advisors is unique and we can be flexible to your needs.

Contact us to see how can work for you and your business.
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*Some regulated services provided by our partner firms.


Trust Registration Service for Advisors
The deadline for registering trusts on the Trust Registration Service (TRS) was 1 September 2022. If you act as a trustee or on behalf of trustees, this is now an area which needs to be considered. Almost all trusts, with a few limited exceptions, must be registered on the TRS. This includes lifetime trusts such as discretionary trusts and trusts holding investments such as bonds or property.

Registration does not just apply to income producing trusts, trusts with no income are now registrable and we anticipate fines/penalties for non compliant trusts to be issued by HM Revenue & Customs.

We can assist with registration so if you have trustees who need guidance on TRS, let us know.