worth.legal, partnering with Legal Studio Solicitors

At Worth, some of the services we provide are provided by our own team, and some of our services are provided by our lawyers via Legal Studio Solicitors. We want to be absolutely transparent as to why and how our partnership with Legal Studio works. If you have any questions that are left unanswered after reading the information below, just ask. We are listening.

Reserved Activities

Legal Services can broadly be divided into those activities that are “reserved legal activities” and those which are not. Full details can be found here Reserved legal activities – The Legal Services Board.

Reserved legal activities include the creation and administration of trusts, Court of Protection advice and the administration of an estate when a person dies.

Legal activities that are not reserved include estate planning advice, and the preparation of wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney, which can be carried out by a suitably trained and experienced legal professional. At worth.legal, this type of advice to clients is provided by our team, all of whom are qualified legal professionals, directly to our clients.

Other legal services can only be provided by lawyers working with a legal practice that is directly regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”). Advice to clients about the administration of estates, Court of Protection, trust structures and personal injury trusts is therefore provided by Helen Gott and Clare King through Legal Studio Solicitors, who are authorised by the SRA. Helen and Clare have each agreed consultancy arrangements with Legal Studio Solicitors to allow them to provide this advice to clients via Legal Studio Solicitors. Helen and Clare’s Legal Studio Solicitors profiles can be found here www.legalstudio.co.uk/team.

For unregulated activities, client’s engagement and contractual relationship will be with worth.legal and you will be a worth.legal client.

For reserved legal activities, client’s engagement and contractual relationship will be with Legal Studio Solicitors and you will be a Legal Studio Solicitors client. Legal Studio Solicitors regulatory information can be found here Solicitor’s Regulatory (legalstudio.co.uk).

The terms of any engagement, whether with worth.legal or Legal Studio Solicitors, including complaints procedures, insurance, regulation, and costs will be set out in writing and agreed prior to any work being undertaken. In addition, there is no requirement or obligation to use Legal Studio Solicitors and, if required, recommendations for other SRA regulated practices can be made.

This modern, dynamic structure means regulated services can be provided where needed, but not where they aren’t. This allows us to maintain a clear, fixed fee, pricing structure. We know what we are doing; clients know what they are paying. And the choice of representative remains solely with the client.